PNC Overview

We are the most advanced
3D non-invasive vascular
imaging facility in
the Pacific Northwest

The Portland Neurovascular Center is an organization of dedicated subspecialists skilled in the neurosurgical, neuroendovascular and neurological assessment, treatment, and management of patients with cerebrovascular disorders. Portland Neurovascular Center provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment of neurovascular patients for the Northwestern United States. This includes acute and elective tertiary care for Cerebral Aneurysms, Acute Ischemic Stroke, Arterovenous Malformations (AVMs), Dural and CC Fistulas, Tumors, and intracranial as well as extra-cranial stenoses & occlusive disorders.

Portland Neurovascular Center (PNC) is also the home of our Neurovascular Image Processing Lab, the most advanced 3D non invasive vascular imaging facility in the Pacific Northwest. Our lab produces 3D animated video of neurovascular disorders. Video is filtered and interleaved from high resolution MR, CT and angio data. Blood vessels and tissue manipulation can be performed via virtual reality software. In this way, the neurointerventionalist or neurosurgeon can actually simulate neurosurgery or embolization prior to treating the patient. This results in better treatment planning decisions prior to surgery, fewer intraprocedural complications, and improved overall outcomes. It also has resulted in solutions for difficult cerebrovascular problems, some of which were previously considered untreatable.

Where we are Located

Neurointerventions (including acute stroke rescue) and Neurosurgery are performed and based at Legacy Emanuel Hospital (about 1/2 mile from the Moda Center & easily accessible from the greater Portland and Vancouver areas). Our dedicated Neurovascular Image Processing Lab & Clinic are nearby. PNC also assists families with overnight hotel accommodations where needed.

AND REFERRAL LINE: 503-595-3967