Neurovascular Image
Processing Lab

Brain aneurysm
equipment and
technologies are
rapidly changing.

Tools and Research Facilities:

  • Neurovascular Biplane Suite with 3D rotational angiography
  • 3D animation and rendering Laboratory for surgery simulation and treatment planning
  • High resolution high field MRI/MRA with quantum gradients
  • B.C. Anesthesiologist with full sedation capabilities
  • High resolution multi-detector CT Angiography
  • Xenon CT and Perfusion MRI for quantitative perfusion assessment
  • Diffusion imaging and Spectroscope
  • Triplex ultrasound for carotid and transcranial evaluation

Keeping Current

Equipment and technologies are rapidly changing. The team at PNC is actively involved in evaluating the latest in drug therapies, surgical hardware, stents, embolization materials, as well as treatment planning and implementation. Clinical & Bench trials are ongoing in areas including: afferent stimulation of coma patients, carotid stenting with brain protection, new noninvasive imaging techniques for aneurysm patients, and with protein & polymer based endovascular embolic materials.

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